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Explore the Depths of Erendorn

Depths of Erendorn is a turn-based strategy game, with a complex narrative that is very rich in lore within a medieval fantasy world.

Centred around 4 player co-op game-play, in which you, as the protagonist of your own story, will need to work together with your peers fighting enemies and dealing with unexpected events across uniquely generated dungeon depths.

Fighting over 400 unique enemies, exploring dungeons as well as visiting settlements your objective is to reach as high a level as possible. Only expert strategy and co-operation with your allies will allow you to reach the top.

In essence, Depths of Erendorn is a highly skilled game with rich lore and storytelling, with an emphasis on difficulty and high skill cap.

Reaching the higher levels is a difficult task unless perfect decision making is made. Combine that with the fact there are many playable characters and continued changes in story-line, and what you will get is an endless adventure. One that you can immerse yourself in any way you want, as many times as you wish.


Game Highlights

  • Online Multiplayer Fantasy RPG.
  • Procedurally generated dungeons and events allows for a unique experience every time you play.
  • High emphasis on building friendships with other players within a dark and savage world.
  • 15 playable Character Classes.
  • A massive amount of customization (over 1,000 abilities available for players to choose from).
  • An immersive world with story and lore for every single entity in the game, including the world itself.
  • Highly rewarding combat system with a large emphasis on strategy.
  • Over 400 enemies that all fight and behave in different ways.
  • Hardcore mode available (permanent death).
  • Seasonal ladders.
  • Realistic art and graphics.
  • No pay to win in any form.
  • A brand new IP and franchise with plans to grow in all areas, along with very strong expansion sets for the game after launch.


Monthly Devlog | March 2024 | No. 62

Throughout the past month, the teams at Depths of Erendorn have made significant progress across various aspects of development. The 3D Modelling team successfully refined character models, focusing on the Centaur and Revenant enemies, while the Set Piece Design team...