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5 Types of Gamers: Which One Are You?

We love them, we hate them, we are them. There is a huge catalogue of gamers that you’re bound to come across whether you’re playing an MMO or an online FPS. Depending on a huge range of factors, we all fit into at least one category of gamer – but which one are you? We’ve put together a list of 5 gamers to help you figure it out (or to at least give you some ammunition so that you can tell your gaming buddy “see? I told you – this is you.”).

  1. “It’s just a game, dude”

Gamer gif punching his palm with "round 1: fight" appearing at the bottomAh, the casual gamer. The easy-going one, the softcore specialist, the person who sees gaming as a hobby they enjoy but one that they ultimately don’t have time to pursue. You can spot a casual gamer a mile away by their approach to gaming in general: they don’t take it too seriously, they generally don’t watch out for the latest updates and they probably won’t be seen in any mile-long queue for a new release.

Far from being the dedicated soldiers of a particular niche or genre, casual gamers tend to enjoy a broad variety of different games that appeal to their everyday interests. They’re also less likely to empathise with how devastated you are that you just missed the pre-order sales for one of the biggest games of the year, and they may even hit you with that heart-wrenching “just wait til next month” or, even worse, the soul-destroying “it’s just a game, dude.”

But casual gamers actually make up the vast majority of gaming communities, and just because they’re more relaxed than the clichė enthusiast (we’ll get to that in a second) it doesn’t mean that casual gamers aren’t big fans, as well. It just means that their lifestyles don’t permit them to spend eternities in front of their monitors covered in Dorito dust – but that is the dream…

  1. “I’m not an obsessive gamer, I’m enthusiastic!”

Timmy from Fairy Odd Parents playing video games on couch

On the opposite end of the scale are the hardcore gamers. This gaming subculture lives and dies by the virtual sword, and are nothing if dedicated, loyal and slightly obsessive.

But these types of gamers often get a bad reputation. If you think of the stereotypical hardcore fan, a few images spring to mind: a graveyard of crisp packets and energy drinks littering the floor of a dark room where the only source of light is pulsing from two, unnecessarily large monitors; a motionless figure in a hoodie slouched forward in a chair, staring intently at the screen through sunken, lifeless eyes – black eyes, like a doll’s eyes… *ahem* … you get what we’re saying.

While there is some truth to the legend (let’s face it, who hasn’t done any of the above before?), hardcore gamers are typically just everyday people who make time for their greatest hobby. Instead of watching Netflix after work or school, these dedicated fans prefer to play games. And because they’re generally more introverted than the casual gamer, they would much rather play with their friends online than meet up with them at a bar.

Hardcore gamers are the ones who you will most likely see queueing up outside game stores, planning their gaming schedule and paying close attention to the latest industry news. While they also tend to enjoy a range of genres, they are specialists in their own division and take these types of games very seriously. In fact, the final form of the hardcore gamer is the professional, who takes their hobby so seriously that it becomes their livelihood.

Finally, these gamers aren’t easily wooed by mainstream marketing. Instead, they do their own research by reading critical reviews and scouring the internet for every morsel of information so that they can get the full, unadulterated picture.

  1. “Every game released after the Millennium has sucked”

Gif of 90s Game Boy advertYou may find it hard to believe, but in a world of virtual reality, superior graphics and immersive experiences, there are still those who cling onto 8-bit platformers and classic Atari consoles. But it’s not necessarily a bad thing, and we all have a part of ourselves that identifies with the old school gamers.

Remember the days when you’d have to buy a Rumble Pak? Or when blowing into game cartridges was the most up-to-date form of troubleshooting? Remember when you only had 3 chances to finish a level? If you have no idea what we’re talking about then this isn’t the category for you. But if you’re feeling yourself getting a bit twitchy and nostalgic then ding, ding, ding: you’re an old school gamer!

Old school gamers come in a large variety pack. First, you’ve got your die-hard fans. The last console they bought was probably the Sega Dreamcast or PS2 and they can be pretty set in their ways. Then you’ve got your old school gamers who are devoted to the games of the 90s but have learned to roll with the times. They sniff out all the modern reboots of the immortal classics and tend to gravitate towards genres that emulate these games as much as possible.

Finally, there are the hybrids. These are the people who appreciate the old school as much as the new generation of gaming. Most gamers can slot into this category because really, who doesn’t love a bit of Super Mario?

  1. “Cheaters, cheaters, everywhere…”

Gif of boy holding controller and screaming internally

Introducing the most hated types of gamers in the community: the cheaters. These players love to suck every shred of fun out of a game by exploiting glitches, loopholes and even paying to win.

There are loads of things that motivate a gamer to cheat. Some are obsessed with getting the highest rankings, the most flashy gear, even with getting revenge for the time that someone cheated against them. But no matter what the reason, the gaming community is pretty unanimous with their verdict on cheaters: not cool.

At the same time, though, everybody loves to hate and sometimes killing or outsmarting a cheater is more satisfying than finishing the game itself.

  1. “Jesus #@*!%?& Christ!!!”

Gif of Moss from IT Crowd smashing computerLast on our list are the angry gamers, and we think we can safely say that at some point, we have all transformed into this infuriated beast of energy. Angry gamers can be casual, hardcore and even old school gamers – all they need is a short fuse and a difficult level to set them off.

Angry gamers are easily frustrated, or they care too much and have tried too hard to just end up losing a game. They curse, they scream, they hold the controller a little too tight and they may even be tempted to throw their whole gaming setup out the window (RIP to all the smashed monitors and consoles out there). And, if you listen close enough, you might even be able to hear the sound of their blood boiling.

If you’re a laid back type of player, telling an angry gamer to “relax” is like asking for a death sentence. Avoid their tempers like the plague and let them vent. In fact, we might release an entire survival guide on how to protect yourself from the wrath of the angry gamer.

Congratulations, you’ve reached the end of our list of gaming stereotypes. Figured out which one you are yet? At the end of the day, there are dozens of types of gamers and none of them has a strict definition. No matter which cliches describe you best, none of them are wrong and none of them are bad. Except for cheaters. No one likes them.

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