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Twilight Elves

Twilight Elves

Any creature of Erendorn would recognise the main settlement of the Twilight Elves because of the large castle that watches ominously over the passing landscape. This castle is a gothic piece of architecture that has something menacingly medieval about its design. Perhaps its baleful presence is because it houses some of the most lethal assassins in Erendorn, or perhaps it’s because it represents the dark shadow realm that the Twilight Elves have devoted themselves to.

Practices and Customs

The Twilight Elves of Erendorn are the most inscrutable and secretive of all the Elven races. Feared for their terrifyingly proficient Guild of Assassins, the Twilight Elves are notorious for aligning themselves with the darker aspects of life. From concocting various toxins for use against enemies to attuning themselves to the Void, the members of this race are bred from the illicit cloth of taboo customs and sinister practices.

Guild of Assassins

Twilight Elf Assassins are some of the most deadliest and proficient killers in Erendorn. These cold-blooded individuals have mastered the art of killing, perfecting their techniques so that they move as silently as a shadow passing through the night. The Guild of Assassins trains its members ruthlessly, and its most talented killers are so revered that they live in the castle alongside members of the hierarchy.

While the Guild of Assassins is responsible for the protection of the Twilight Elf civilisation, they also have other priorities. The Guild is not only infamous across the scapes of Erendorn for its assassins’ calculated and merciless savagery, but also because they will kill almost anything and anyone for the right price.

Twilight Elf Assassins regularly carry out assassination jobs for those who have enough gold coin. Occasionally, other forms of payment may be accepted depending on what is being offered. In this way, the Guild of Assassins not only protects its species, but also secures its income and resources with successful assassinations.

Toxic Warfare

Digital sketch of a Twilight Elf Assassin from Depths of Erendorn
Twilight Elf Assassins are some of the most expert killers in Erendorn. As with every Twilight Elf, their purple aura is a result of their ever-growing attunement with the Void.

One of the malignant practices that this race specialises in is the procurement of poisons and venoms. The apothecary storehouse in the main settlement prepares, experiments with and sells an enormous range of toxic wares. Crude vials of poisons and venoms line the dark rustic shelves of the storehouse, displaying a myriad of colours from iridescent greens and violets to alizarin crimsons and the darkest, most permeating blacks.

These shelves exhibit some of the deadliest and rarest toxins in Erendorn, displaying them like precious jewels. The Twilight Elves use these potions to taint their weapons, lining their blades with a paralysing poison or violent venom. Each one of these deadly concoctions has its own unique, insidious effect, and they have been mixed so masterfully that each potion is potent enough to affect any race in Erendorn.

Groups of gatherers from the main settlement dedicate much of their time to searching the lands for new, undiscovered poisons and venoms which will later be added to the storehouse collection. However, a common source of venom for the Twilight Elves is Erendorn’s humanoid snake species known as the Sloo-tan. The venom contained within these creatures is incredibly potent, and groups of Twilight Elf Assassins come into constant combat with the Sloo-tan in order to extract this deadly substance.

Attunement to the Void

When they’re not skulking in the shadows, Twilight Elves can be recognised by their dark clothing and foreboding eyes. But there is another characteristic of this race that not only forms part of their unmistakable identity, but is also the biggest indication of the Twilight Elves’ association with dark magic.

A purple aura emanates from every Twilight Elf in Erendorn, radiating from their body like a glowing mist. Their purple aura is a result of this race’s attunement with the Void, an evil shadow realm that is an immense, yet terrifying source of power. This cold netherworld teems with dark shadow energy and sinister magic, utilising these malicious powers to influence the world and entice creatures to follow its menacing path.

By offering souls to the shadow realm, a creature can be granted powers of the Void as it encompasses them, submerging their conscience deeper and deeper into the shadows as it rewards their loyalty. Twilight Elves are particularly adept at this practice. The blood spilled by the Guild of Assassins alone is enough to keep this race replenished with the Void’s insidious force, so their frequent sacrificial killings ensures that the Twilight Elves are constantly empowered with skills and abilities.

Leadership of the Twilight Elves

If you were to ask any Twilight Elf about who leads their mysterious race, they would speak of Adlox the Silent. A competent leader known for his unspeaking ways and forbearing disposition, Adlox handles all of the quotidian affairs of the Twilight Elves, from trading and merchantry to political matters and other official business.

While some would describe Adlox as knowledgeable and capable, others are of the opinion that he is a peculiar individual who sometimes elicits strange behaviour. He has been known to contradict his own authority on several occasions, getting consumed by internal arguments with himself about the decisions he makes. Sometimes, he can even be seen stealing away to his private chambers in moments of uncertainty or importance.

Those who have heard of the Twilight Elves’ curious leader believe there is a secret he keeps just beneath the surface, a secret that some even say is the cause for his vow of silence. In any case, whatever takes place behind the closed doors of Adlox’s private chambers is an enigma that furtively unravels beneath the very noses of the Twilight Elves.

3D renders of humanoid snake creature
The Sloo-Tan are a humanoid snake species who contain some of the most potent venom in Erendorn. Twilight Elf Assassins often try to attack these masters of combat so that they can obtain their venom for use on weapons.

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