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9 Reasons Why You’ll Love this New Fantasy RPG

9 Reasons Why You’ll Love this New Fantasy RPG

If you’re a gamer who’s obsessed with fantasy, classic dungeon crawlers and co-op MMO games, then the new fantasy RPG from Project Gamechanger is going to make all of your virtual dreams come true.

Depths of Erendorn is an upcoming fantasy RPG that resonates with traditional tabletop strategy games. Set in the mystical world of Erendorn, this game will have you traversing treacherous dungeons, battling fearsome beasts and exploring the landscape above, from enchanted forests and Elven settlements to the perilous Ice Plains and Undead territory. Together with your group of fellow adventurers, you will journey through Depths of Erendorn with an arsenal of magical equipment and powerful abilities. As we get closer and closer to finalising our new fantasy RPG, we decided that it’s time to let you in on this brand new world. We know why we love it, so here’s 9 reasons why you will, too.

  1. It’s Free (with no Pay-to-Win elements)

Digital illustration of a female Forest Druid holding a staff

Depths of Erendorn is a new fantasy RPG with no pay-to-win elements. Instead, it allows you to customise your character.

Let’s not beat around the bush. Who doesn’t love a free game? Usually, when we hear that there’s a brand new game that’s free to play, our moment of joy is quickly coated with more than a pinch of salt as we realise it’s probably pay-to-win.

The issue with p2w games comes with the fact that certain players gain a significant, unfair advantage over others. But we’re committed to ensuring that there is zero chance of corruption in our new fantasy RPG.

Pay-to-win is a gaming trend that we have avoided in Depths of Erendorn because we want every player to have as exceptional a gameplay experience as possible. This is why, instead of having pay-to-win elements, we will give players the option of putting a part of their personality into the game by customising their character’s aesthetic, whether it’s an outfit, a body marking or an accessory. This not only upholds the integrity of the game but also maximises immersion so that you can completely lose yourself in the rabbit hole of escapism without gaining an unfair advantage.

  1. Talkin’ ‘Bout my *Procedural* Generation

Concept art of Depths of Erendorn, a new fantasy RPG

Depths of Erendorn is procedurally generated so that you get a unique experience every time you play.

We decided to make Depths of Erendorn procedurally generated so that every player gets a totally unique gameplay experience every time they play. We know, we know – what a cliche, right? You’ve probably heard game companies say those words a million times before when marketing a procedurally generated game – we know we sure have.

Procedurally generated games often let us down, sacrificing artistry and dynamism for half-baked, randomised scenery. But Depths of Erendorn isn’t just relying on procedural generation for its wow-factor. While our new fantasy RPG has procedurally generated dungeon rooms, surprise enemy spawns and randomised challenges, its design hasn’t been sacrificed to the Kraken in order to achieve it.

Every object, character, asset and challenge has been hand-crafted by our team of devoted creatives so that you not only get a different experience every time you play, but also a memorable one.

  1. There Are Literally Hundreds of Characters

Concept art of human knights marching through forest

There are over 400 races and creatures in our new fantasy RPG, making Erendorn one of the largest universes.

If you’re into massive fantasy universes then you’re going to fall head-over-heels for Depths of Erendorn. Not only is this new fantasy RPG filled with mysterious landscapes, it’s also the home to hundreds of different races and creatures, including NPCs, enemies and beasts – and we are being literal when we say hundreds.

Erendorn is going to be one of the largest worlds you’ve encountered. There are over 400 different creatures that you can play, meet and defeat. The diversity of our new fantasy RPG means that you could either find yourself battling a diseased Swamp Rat, a huge two-headed Giant or, if you’re really lucky, a group of psychotic Icegrip Centaurs lusting for torture. Combined with the fact that Depths of Erendorn is procedurally generated, the enormous amount of enemies and variables in the game are really going to test your strategy skills.

Concept art of centaurs dragging bleeding person through mountain path.

The Icegrip Centaurs of Erendorn are formidable opponents that have more than a few skeletons in their closet >>

  1. A Lore Unto Itself

What’s more is that every single creature in Erendorn, from the Small Stone Frog to the tumbling Ogre and NPC, has a detailed backstory and place in the world. There is even an entire history that surrounds Erendorn itself, one that is filled with watershed moments.

We have enriched our fantasy world with lore in order to immerse players into the game as much as possible. Careful attention is also being paid to the ongoing story of Erendorn and its inhabitants, meaning that there will always be something new to discover in the future. Click the image to get a taste of Erendorn’s lore about one of its most sinister races.

  1. Wait Your Turn

Concept art of underground dungeon with green river

Our new fantasy RPG is turn-based so that every team member can get involved as you try to survive Erendorn’s dungeons.

Inspired by our deep nostalgia for tabletop RPGs, we have designed Depths of Erendorn to be a turn-based game. You and your friends will take it in turns to have your go, allowing everyone to execute their own strategy. This is a simple enough concept, but our reason behind making this choice is quite important to us.

In realtime co-op RPGs, there is a notable dichotomy between different skill sets, and players who are more advanced or experienced will take the lead and get the most bang for their proverbial buck. As lower ability gamers try to follow in their comrades’ footsteps, experienced players can often become frustrated and this clash between different skill levels is what leads to toxicity in games.

Designing our new fantasy RPG to be a turn-based game achieves 2 things. The first is that it encourages players to work together in developing a strategy. The second is that it lessens the division between highly skilled and lower ability friends by opening up a dialogue between them. With a fixed amount of time allotted per turn, it allows teammates to have a discussion about strategy, putting everyone on the same page and (hopefully) preventing friendships from falling apart.

  1. Wanna Trade?

Concept art of a fantasy settlement

In Erendorn, you can enter different race settlements and trade your loot with local merchants.

Fighting fearsome enemies while you explore the underground dungeons of Erendorn isn’t the only thing you’ll get to do in our upcoming game. In between journeys and adventures, there are multiple settlements that you and your team can enter and explore.

Players will be able to see how a specific race lives while visiting the local landmarks, embarking on side-challenges and making deals with merchants at one of the many marketplaces. These are where you go in Erendorn if you want to sell or trade your booty, or if you want to buy something extra with your hard-earned gold.

There are tens of thousands of objects in the dungeons ready for you to loot. From armour and specialty weapons to magical objects, you can hoard them ‘til your heart’s content or venture into a settlement to try your hand at bartering with one of the many merchants.

  1. Mana-ge Your Abilities 

Digital painting of a humanoid spider (Zentragals) in a dark forest

Zentragals are the dark magic users of Erendorn. They have an impressive selection of deceptive and destructive abilities.

It wouldn’t be a fantasy RPG without a bit of magic, right? Depths of Erendorn is filled with ethereal creatures, powerful spellcasters and enchanting landscapes. Even some of the found objects in Erendorn have magic weaved through them, and you can even collect these items to use against future enemies.

But when you embark on your journey through the dungeons, your character will already possess a mighty array of powerful spells and abilities – and you get to decide which ones you want.

When you first create your character, you can choose from a selection of starting abilities, skills and spells so that you can play exactly how you want to.

There is a vast range of spells and abilities to choose from. Play as a Zentragal to possess Spider Swarm, a form of dark magic that summons a swarm of scittering spiders that bite your enemies; or play as an Earthen Dwarf to use Stone Blood, an ability that temporarily freezes the blood of your enemies. Whichever way you feel like swinging, we’re certain that we’ve got the magic that’ll make you salivate.

  1. You Can Become a Powerful Spellcaster

Concept art of an underground bridge over lava

The further you get in Erendorn’s dungeons, the more powerful you become.

While you can decide what initial powers and abilities your character gets, Depths of Erendorn gives every player the opportunity for a huge amount of progression. The further you go into the depths, the more powerful you will become as you gain access to new abilities. But as your powers increase, so will the strength of your enemies – so be warned.

The progression system in this new fantasy RPG will prevent it from becoming stale or boring because of how much you can advance your character. As your character becomes more powerful by entering the lower levels of the dungeons, they will unlock many new abilities that will add more layers of excitement to your gameplay. Nobody likes being stuck with the same set of skills throughout an entire game, so we’ve made sure that there is always an opportunity to advance your character.

  1. Bridge Over Trebled Water

Photo of orchestra in a modern church

We used a live orchestra when recording the music for our soundtrack. Here they can be seen playing one of the themes that will accompany you in Erendorn’s caves.

Another way we are creating an immersive gameplay experience in Depths of Erendorn is through music. Our new fantasy RPG has a bespoke soundtrack that will follow you throughout the game. As your adventure unravels, the music will transform in order to reflect the environment or atmosphere you find yourself in.

From the foreboding caves of the dungeons to the enchanting homes of the Forest Druids, we have created a strong sonic landscape that will make you feel like part of the game.

We believe that music is crucial to the gameplay experience. Have you ever played an open world or fantasy RPG with the sound turned off? It sucks. Music carries the atmosphere and emotion in a game, so we’ve put in the extra effort to ensure that Depths of Erendorn is easy on the ears.

Through music, our composer has worked to emulate the diversity of Erendorn’s creatures and landscapes. This has been achieved by utilising a huge range of ethnic instruments, bringing them together to create a totally unique medley of sounds that capture this fantasy world.

The final reason why you’re going to love Depths of Erendorn is that we’re not stopping any time soon. While this new fantasy RPG is still in development, we are already thinking about the future and ways to expand this exciting game. So, when you play Depths of Erendorn and find that you just can’t seem to get enough – don’t worry, we’ve got your back.

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