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Our Game Studio Launches a New Website!

Our Game Studio Launches a New Website!

If you’re reading this, then you’re already in on our big announcement: the Depths of Erendorn website is now officially live! Previously, all the latest and greatest news about our upcoming fantasy RPG was posted here on our company page; but the launch of this new website now means that we have a dedicated space where we can update you on all the goings-on of Erendorn.

What Will You Find There?

The Depths of Erendorn website will be home to a myriad of things, including fascinating pieces of lore, exciting announcements, updates on the game’s development as well as a forum where all of our supporters and members of our Game Studio can talk to each other.

Discover the Many Races of Erendorn

If you click on Race Profiles, you will find weekly posts that describe all of the amazing character races in Erendorn. There are hundreds of races in our fantasy world and each of them have their own bespoke set of skills and abilities, as well as a unique settlement and riveting backstory.

From the hardy Frost Dwarves and sinister Zentragals to the grotesque Bonelair Gargoyles, we’re not leaving anything out when it comes to describing these remarkable races. Whilst we eagerly wait for the launch of the game, our Race Profiles are a great way to fill that Erendorn-shaped hole in your chest. So, make sure you check back every Monday so that you don’t miss anything!

3D render scene of 4 fantasy characters round a campfire
The Race Profiles on our new game site will teach you all about the many races of Erendorn. Here, we have a Human Knight, a Twilight Elf Assassin, an Ogre and a Blue Melmee as they take a break from their journey through the dungeon depths. Each of these characters has their own Race Profile, so why not check them out?

Find Out What Goes On at Our Game Studio

While our team members work from all over the world, our game studio is rooted in one place: our passion for video games. That’s why we will also be posting game development logs every Friday to give you a glimpse into the world that our awesome team occupy at Project Gamechanger.

Now, some of our OG followers may be wondering – but what about the DevLogs that are posted here? Well, from this point onwards we will be publishing monthly DevLogs to this company page. These will summarise all of the weekly development updates in order to make sure that you don’t miss a thing. So, whether you’re a game development fanatic, an aspiring game developer or just a curious visitor, our DevLogs are sure to satisfy your need to know more.

Become Part of Our Gaming Community

If you find that you have somehow managed to exhaust all of these awesome facets of our new website, you can always head over to our forum. Here, you’ll be able to get access to the Depths of Erendorn Discord server, which will act as a forum and channel where gamers and developers can chat.

A member of our Game Studio will be on-hand to answer any questions you have about Depths of Erendorn and you’ll also be able to showcase your artistic abilities by submitting pieces of fan art to the forum. We are even going to introduce a few activities where Discord members in our forum can be invited to the exclusive Beta Sessions.

The Beta Sessions

If you get invited to the Depths of Erendorn Beta Sessions, you’ll get the chance to have a real say in the development of the final game. Since our Game Studio is ran by gamers, for gamers, your opinion is very important to us and we want to make sure that you feel heard.

The Beta Sessions will be held later in the year and will give many of our valued supporters, like you, the opportunity to provide us with some feedback on the gameplay experience, the functionality of the game, what worked well for you, what needs improving, and so on.  

What to Look Out For

While we are extremely pleased with and proud of our new game site, it is in no way finished. With tons of stuff still to come, the Depths of Erendorn website will be constantly evolving as the year unravels.

One thing we are excited to be introducing in the future is our very own wiki page, which will be the hub of all the rich lore that Erendorn has to offer. It will include detailed information about all the characters, races, abilities, magical weapons and armour, cities, settlements, the works! So make sure you keep an eye out if  you want to really delve into this fantasy world that we are creating.

A screenshot of our Game Studio 's new game site

As well as everything we’ve just mentioned, the new Depths of Erendorn website will also include an online store in the future. New pieces of media, from digital art to never-before-seen 3D models, will be shared on this website regularly, giving you lots of stuff to sink your teeth into.

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