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October Devlog: Week #4

Another week and it has been business as usual at Project Gamechanger as we test our new environment and make a few adjustments in preparation for the next phase of development for Depths of Erendorn.

This week has been all about visualising changes to make our cave environments more interesting and getting a bigger picture for what environmental assets will need to be made.



We have been testing a couple of new basic attacks for our Zentragal character. We have also started to work on spell casts, exploring a few more ideas before we decide what works best.



A few changes and fixes had to be implemented to the client to ensure it runs smoothly:

  • The new room transition system is now up and running (client-side):
    • Players will vote for room reroll.
    • Players can also choose their starting position in the new room within a spawning area.
    • Players are forced to choose a new position if the chosen position is already taken by another player.
  • Added missing ability icons and removed duplicates.
  • We found a bug where players could not scroll up and down when the cursor was in the middle of the screen. The Interfering factor: two text items which still had the raycasting option enabled. This has now been fixed.
  • We had an issue where the player could not melee an enemy if they had to spend all of their movement allowances to reach that enemy. As it were, if a player wanted to attack an enemy that is, e.g. 5 tiles away, which is max movement for some classes, then the client wouldn’t path towards the enemy. This has now been corrected.
  • We have also fixed the positioning of the ability bar. By adding in some extra constraints, the ability bar should now remain fully visible.
  • Another bug we have encountered and now fixed is one in which the layer position was not being handled correctly in the client during room transition.
  • We have also fixed an out of bounds error when checking for room transition in the last room of the dungeon level.
  • Fixed broken prefab: Meshes for double-sided walls were missing. The broken prefab made it look like some walls weren’t in the game scene. The functionality of the wall not being passable was still there, though, which created a few problems we are hoping to have completely ironed out.
  • Highest attack damage shown in the client was too high for some classes. Something was going wrong with the calculation; this is fixed now.
  • Added a handler so the client understands when a player selects a transition position.
  • We encountered a glitch where the walls were darker than they should have been. This has now been fixed and the walls are now looking as they should. This has now been fixed and walls colouring is reacting as it should.
  • We have separated the grid shader out so that it is no longer affected by lighting in the environment.
  • We have also encountered and fixed a Bug in the LOS Calculations.

We updated our internal testing database and added the following:

  • More Ability Building Blocks;
  • New Ability Icons;
  • 12 new Character Class Abilities;
  • 18 new Generic Spells and;
  • 16 new Generic Skills.

Server Updates:

  • OnHPChanged Trigger Added
  • New Abilities Implemented, many of these needed extra mechanics coded in, which is a work in progress.
  • Doors between rooms are no longer Passable Tiles.
  • Status Effects Trigger “OnEffected” should no longer trigger the wrong StatusEffect, as it would happen in some cases.
  • Added a new “Acid” Damage Type.
  • More Target Selections were made for use in abilities.
  • When checking LOS the server was getting the wrong coordinates. The LOS checking from the wrong tile has now been fixed.

As you can see, it has been a very busy yet productive week here at Project Gamechanger, and we are looking forward to the coming weeks as the game starts to rapidly expand in content, as well as start to look aesthetically pleasing to the eye.

As usual, we would love to hear what you have to say so feel free to drop us a message via email, Twitter, Facebook or Instagram.

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